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'Trackmania Turbo,' Hands On: A Wild Ride From Start To Finish(2)

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Turbo Hands ri wild Trackmania

Each track might not take long to finish, but there’s a certain addiction to shooting for better times or trying other courses. It’s this addiction that makes Trackmania Turbo an enjoyable game to play. Even if you do get frustrated with the single-player races, you can always find other things to do, such as multiplayer races, challenges or building your own tracks. It also works as a great party game, because the controls are easy to understand and there aren’t too many mechanics involved. You just race from point A to point B.

Trackmania Turbo doesn’t ask for too much of your time. You can easily play one or more tracks and move on to another game. However, the need to improve your times, coupled with the insane construction of each track, makes it a game that can keep you hooked for hours.

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