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If your turbo starts to sound like a quiet siren.......

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Recently, the nature of my turbo's whistle changed. It went from a whistling sound to more of a howling sirenish sound but didn't change its volume; it always stayed relatively quiet. The new sound was obvious though and I had read threads on here about how if a turbo made a noise like a loud siren (again, mine was not loud), it meant something was going bad. Well, I figured I wouldn't sweat it yet because power was good, economy was ok, and the noise wasn't so bad. Last night I cleaned my K&N (it was all blackish with crud caught in the fins), reoiled it, and today took it for a drive and it's like a whole new car. Best of all, the turbo noise reverted back to the original subtle whistling that I was used to. Any, point of this story is: if the sound of your turbo has changed slightly and you don't know why, change (or clean if you have a reuseable) your air filter.


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