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Compound Confidential

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Compound Confidential

Compound fencing

Compound Confidential

This is where Pulling facts and rumours end up being aired on the Internet. Mostly the sources will be treated as confidential, but if the development is well under way and the Puller(s) is/are happy to let everyone know what they are up to, then it will be attributed. In case you're puzzled as to why I've referred to Compound, it's because at most events the Pullers are housed in a fenced-off section sometimes also known as the Pits.

Guest Pullers?

Posted 11th May, 2015

A very recent (yesterday) Facebook post has sparked off this train of thought... Guest Pullers (i.e. Pullers who are not members of an Association of Club Pulling a sledge owned or run by that Association or Club) attending an event organised by an Association or Club would normally be expected to comply with all the Rules.

Let's take for example the SWTPA which is part of the IOPD (International Organisation of Professional Drivers) and all the Association Pulls run under these guidelines. At the Malpas Dearnford Lakes event in 2011 there were two sledges. All the SWTPA competition pulling ran under IOPD. When it was time for the Malpas Club Pullers and guest's to go onto the track, '' (the SWTPA Sledge) and crew left the arena and passed control of the track to the Malpas Sledge ('') and its crew. That portion of the Pulling was run outside IOPD control.

Exactly the same occurred where SWTPA and PPA Pulled at the same event. Each Sledge was only used to hook to Pullers of their respective organisations. No problem and no violation of the respective organisation rules...

This issue is something the BTPA very clearly addressed in their: -

"...This rule also applies in reverse should any team/tractors that are currently competing at non BTPA sanctioned events wish to register to compete at sanctioned BTPA events they can do so as long as they:

Are registered as BTPA teams/tractors for the appropriate class and have paid all relevant fees

Adhere to all current BTPA/ETPC build and safety rules (including the annual flywheel and clutch inspection by a BTPA clutch inspector)

Insurance will then be provided as normal when competing at BTPA sanctioned events."

This only applies to the following 'National' classes which are not recognised by the ETPC and therefore not subject to ETPC sanctions for rule violations: -

"This proposal applies to all teams/tractors competing in the following BTPA classes:

Super Farm

Sports Class

Under 401 cu in Prostock (class potentially to be renamed for next season – decision by BTPA AGM)

Limited Modified

Sports Truck"

Well, at least they (the BTPA) have spelt it out clearly enough.

So shall we take a hypothetical situation where Pullers have been invited to an event but this invitation has not been sanctioned by the organisation running the Pulling. Yes, I think you can see only too clearly where this is going... Safety features (roll bars or cages, wheelie bars, side frames), Flywheels, Clutches, clutch shielding, engine shielding, seat belts/harnesses, overalls, crash helmet, etc., etc... Not to mention insurance...

If there is only one Sledge at the event, part owned by the organising body, how could they waive the rules for guests when they themselves are subject to guidelines laid down by the regulating body for all British Motoring events. Interesting quandary; just saying.

'Redline Frenzy'

Posted 11th June, 2012

Hoset HX60

The past winter has proved to be a busy time for John and Richard Sowerby down in deepest darkest Bridgend with 'Redline Frenzy' (SWTPA 2011 Under 401 Champion) getting a very major (sorry, no pun intended) rebuild. John tells me they have now opted for a big Holset HX60 Turbo to improve the Pullers 'breathing'. They have also introduced an new and improved oil system and sump. As with any task the brothers undertake the quality of the workmanship is of the very highest standard...

Deep Sump and Oil Filter

The new deep sump has retained the original oil pump to supply the engine but a second pump, belt driven off the front pulley provides 100 psi of pressure to the Turbo. Two high performance competition Oberg Oil Filters have been fitted, one for the engine and the second on the front of the sump for the Turbo.

Twin pumps

The new external pumps run in tandem on a common shaft. The one at the rear (left) provides 100 psi of Oil Pressure to the HX60 and the other one provides a pre-load boost of about 50 psi to the injector pump.

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