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GDSF Tractor Pulling Gallery 2006

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Great Dorset Stream Fair 2006

At long last! Here are some photo's from the 2006 Great Dorset Steam Fair. No pulling on Wednesday due to the Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow and the rest of the Pulling (particularly Saturday evening) was effected by rain. Photographs by Timberman, Puff and Gazz. Many thanks to them...

GDSF Tractor Pulling Gallery 2006

Just a few of the faithful fans who came in their thousands to enjoy the Tractor Pulling. Despite the (sometimes) inclement weather (it rained quite a bit) they seemed to enjoy every minute of the spectacle. Shame about Saturday night's Pulling which had to be cancelled due to bad weather!

All the Way

James Slater from Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire driving 'All The Way' (Built in England, refined in Wales). Yes, I know you've all seen this Puller before, because it's part of this web site banner!

The power plant is a 5.9 litre straight-6 Ford 'D' series engine with a lot of water/methanol injection to keep it manifold and pistons cool.


Ken Neasom

The 'Italian Stallion' (Ken Neasom) proudly flying the White Rose of York (who said the Wars of the Roses are over?) driving his schizophrenic Leyland.

The tin work says it's a 272, but the back-end is a Marshall 702 and the engine is a straight-6 Leyland 1700 from a DAF truck, so no wonder it has an identity crisis. Ken hails from Leeds and is part of the strong Pickering contingent who made the long journey down from the North to enjoy the atmosphere of the GDSF.


Devils Dog

Kevin Frampton with a very determined look on his face driving 'Devil's Dog' for the end of the track.

The 7½ litre Ford straight-6 originally came from 'She's a Perfect Ten' and this Puller made it's debut at Shillingstone earlier in the year. Kevin spent the spring and summer refining his machine and should be proud of the final outcome. 'Devil's Dog' pulls really well!


Noise Polution (Thunderbird 2)

Spot the odd one out! 'Noise Pollution' (aka 'Thunderbird 2') piloted by James Yardley from Gloucestershire (part of the Complete Utilities Pulling Team) is the only petrol-powered Puller on the southern circuit.

The 460 cu.in. (7½ litre) Ford V8 is fed by a Holly 800 cfm 4-barrel carb, capable of gulping in 22,653 litres of air per minute! The original base-tractor is a Himac Ford 5000 from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire Another new Puller for 2006, it took James three months to build this beast.


Tom Prout

A superb action-shot by 'Timberman' of the man himself Tom Prout from Dimmock in action with his Ford 5000. Tom runs the Tractor Pulling at Welland (always held on the last week-end in July). In addition to the 5000, Tom also owns the awesome'Hot Pot', powered by a 20-litre V12 Continental aero engine!

The 5000 is fitted with a 7½ litre straight-6 New Holland engine out of a TX Combine Harvester (a much favored way or getting hold of this power plant is to buy it out of a burned out Harvester). As with all the Pullers, the Bosch Fuel (injector) pump has been well opened up to push even more diesel into the cylinders.


Martin Eady

Martin Eady from Llandovery in South Wales with his 6.2 litre straight-6 Ford 380T engined Fordson Major making the most of the fine weather. You can see from the clods of mud on the front of the sledge that the ground was still a bit damp.

For some strange reason Llandovery is a hot bed of Tractor Pulling with a large contingent of very friendly Welshmen making the trip down to Dorset each year. 'Dragon Power' on the track!


The Fox

Spot the similarity (hint: look at the wheel weights bolted to the front of the tractor)! Bill Parker who lives just up the road from the GDSF at Tarrant Gunville with 'The Fox'. Despite hip problems Bill proved that he could still Pull with the best of them!

'The Fox' is powered by a straight-6 New Holland 8630 engine. Tractor Pulling is a bit of a family business for the Parkers. Bill son Alan ('Parkes') builds Pullers and his nephews Ned and Paul built the Landford sledge which was used at the GDSF.


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