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W'ton man owns the world's fastest car

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Red Victor 2

Red Victor 2

W'ton man owns the world's fastest car

by Brett Birks

Wolverhampton engineer Andy Frost has turned a 34 year old Vauxhall Victor into what he claims is the world's fastest petrol run street car.

Red Victor 2 gallery

For 25 years, Wolverhampton engineer Andy Frost has spent much of his free time in his garage.

Red Victor 2

Red Victor 2

In that period, he estimates that he's spent £100,000 doing up an old Vauxhall Victor.

But the fruits of his labour have finally paid off.

Andy reckons he now has the fastest street car in the world.

"It can do 0 - 60 mph in one second!" he exclaims proudly.

"It's been a long road to get here but now I'm a hundred percent confident that I have the fastest car in the world. And it runs on ordinary petrol."

Andy and Red Victor 2

Andy and Red Victor 2

Car enthusiast

A life-long car enthusiast, Andy paid a neighbour a mere £60 back in 1981 for the K-reg Vauxhall that was sitting on his drive.

"I just set about doing it up," he explains. "I never had any intention of trying to set a record or anything. I just kept adding various parts over the years, a kind of hobby if you like.

"A few years ago, I realised how far I'd come. I'd gotten more involved in racing so knew all about the current records. Then I thought - let's go for it! Let's try and be the fastest!"

The old Vauxhall first became Red Victor 1, before Andy fitted twin turbos and christened it Red Victor 2.

£100,000 spent

"I reckon I've spent about £100,000 over the last 25 years," says Andy.

Red Victor 2

Red Victor 2

"That includes man hours. I've lived in the garage for a lot of that time so my wife has not seen a lot of me! I could have spent the money on beer or holidays but I wanted to have something to show for all my efforts.

"I can now say that I have something totally unique. There is nothing like Red Victor 2 anywhere in the world!"

The money has gone on various bits and pieces over the years, including: a Chevrolet based 9.3ltr engine; twin 88mm Holset turbos, a bulletproof 2 speed GM power glide transmission and an Electromotive TEC3R EFI system.

Races and road

"It can also reach a speed of 183 mph in 7.8 seconds," says Andy.

Andy and Red Victor 2

Andy and Red Victor 2

"The car is street legal, but I race it mainly at the UK Street Eliminator series. The key thing is that it runs on ordinary pump petrol. Mind you, five miles to the gallon means plenty of petrol stops!"

Andy rarely uses the car on the road, but does have a drive out with his wife occasionally and his youngest son Gary has been the envy of his mates the odd time Andy picks him up from school.

"It's become a real magnet for attention now so I do tend to keep it inside," he says. "Imagine that - the fastest car in the world spends most of its time in a Wolverhampton garage!"

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replace the engine for a 740ci hemi then u will get real power out of that bigger than top fuel dragster engine

Maybe you people should go along to Santa Pod Raceway and see for yourself. I was there when he ran in the 7's, the Veyron ain't got nothing on this thing!

nice ride

momos are you sure that you wern't reading the km/h when you hit 320.

dane n ;liam
awesome car m8 dis is somet else come down 2 fleetwood

cosworth man
momosis urs rd legel tho because mi cosworth tops at 260mhp and thay is bell legel 0.100 in 2.3secs but i think the victr is faster lol

Haha the guy with the dodge ye ok then whatever u say 320 my arse were not talkin about on the playstation you know, this car is an awesome bit of modifying skill and hard work nice one

that is absoletly rubbish no car could do that not even a motorbike and if it did you would proberly brake your neck

marc fenwick
i think your car doesn't go from 0-60 in 1.0 senconds it is not possible for car to accelrate to that in so little time

YOUR A LIER ! ! My dad has a metro that can do 0-60 mph in 0.5 seconds

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