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Tuning and Customization

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tuning Customization

Will do.

As of now, everythings waiting on my new manifold to be set up. As for some specs...

-T3 Super 60 .43ar (only good for 300whp but its spool happy so its perfect for a DD )
-WG spring is at 5psi so Id like that to be a DD PSI. Id like to tune it in 1PSI increments until 9PSI because the stock intake manifold is plastic and ive seen people blow it past 9 >_<
-Injectors im ditching the stock ones and going with RSX Type S's that are 310cc's, which are only good to 210-220whp so id like to max them out (which will be near 9PSI)
-my main power goal for a DD @ 5lbs with no internal mods done is only about 160-170whp because it is after all, a FWD car, no need for so much power.
-I will be running strictly on 93 pump gas... no need to tune for anything else

yea, let me get my mani back and install everything. im actually going to use the kpro's basemap and load it to mine so i can atleast have it idle correctly and run without blowing up. The guy i got it from has an idential turbo, injector, and PSI tune so its within the ball park of it not blowing up, as long as i dont hit TOO much boost while going to the tuner.

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