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Garrett GTX2860R

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Garrett GTX2860R

Finally, what we all have been waiting for, The Garrett GTX2860R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo! This is the new Billet version of the world renouned GT2860R series turbo, and is a true testament to modern turbocharging technology. This Dual Ball Bearing turbo has an Oil & Water Cooled center cartridge, that ensures smooth transient response, which means improved on/off throttle performance. The newly designed, ultra high flow 11 full blade compressor wheel provides exceptional aerodynamics which greatly aids in faster spool times, and makes more power in all areas of the powerband, putting you ahead of the competition! 

** GTX turbos use same turbine housing as GT turbos and turbine housings are sold separately. This GTX model as uses all the same oil and coolant fittings at the standard GT28R turbo.**

**Stock Compressor housing is GT28 style and has 3" inlet and 2" outlet**

The price listed above is for a turbocharger without exhaust housing. If you already have a GT28R (non GTX) and want to upgrade to the GTX2860R, you will not need to purchase an exhaust housing, you can reuse your existing one. If you need an exhaust housing, please select one from the options.

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