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W123 Turbo performance upgrades?

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Turbo Performance upgrade W123

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Uh, guys, you need to be posting this over on the DIESEL forum to get good answers.

First, factory spec for the OM617.95x turbo engine is 0.85-0.95 bar, or roughly 12-14psi. If you don't have that now, well turn it up already. However be warned that you may not get a power increase if there is no additional fuel enrichment from the ALDA.

Second, Speedtek, all that guy did was tweak the ALDA screw and turn it up a bit. Search the DIESEL forum and you'll find out plenty about this. Be warned that this does not always work on every car and if you overdo it, your MPG will plummet. It is a "band-aid" method to richen the full-load mixture, as to do it properly requires removal of the rear governor plate which is almost impossible without pulling the IP out of the car.

Third, check your 0-60 time with a GPS and stopwatch. The 1982-85 300D factory spec is roughly 13.5-14.0 seconds, and if you're already there, you won't get much - if any - more power. If you are 15+ seconds or slower, yes there is power to be had somewhere and you need to find it! Not sure about the SD but I think it's in the 15.0 second range.

As to intercooling, well, read the current thread on the diesel list carefully. Yoy may waste much time and money and get zero power gains when it's all said & done....

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