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Audi SQ7 to use Diesel V8 with Electric Turbos » AutoGuide.com News

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turb diesel with Audi Electric

Turbo_Undefined_1/201205/31/3228.html">Diesel/201412/11/14263.html">Audi is working on a new go-fast version of the Q7. 

Dr.Ulrich Hackenberg, Turbo_Undefined_1/201205/31/3228.html">Diesel/201412/11/14263.html">Audi’s head of technical development, confirmed to Auto Express that the SQ7 will launch sometime in 2016 sporting a V8 diesel engine under the hood. The engine will use “e-boost” electric turbochargers designed to increase throttle response and reduce turbo lag.

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Audi showcased a similar setup in the 2014 RS5 TDI Concept, which used a 3.0-liter V6 twin-electric turbo diesel engine to generate 385 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. Considering the SQ7 will use a V8, it should be putting out over 400 hp.

Hackenburg also commented on the possibility of an off-road variant for the Q7, saying that, “it is possible to have this platform with a reduction gearbox – the VW Touareg will have it, but there is not the demand at present. If there is a business case we could always do a small run.”

[Source: Auto Express]

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