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China a huge growth engine for MAN Diesel Turbo(2)

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Engine for China a HUGE

Apart from doing business locally, we also support Chinese customers in their business. This is reflected in the fact that we have set up a training academy in Shanghai to train people locally. Our philosophy is to bring the knowhow to where the know-how is needed. We have 600 local employees here to support our Chinese businesses.

How much did China contribute to your global business? How did the China market perform in 2016? As China endeavors to develop itself into a shipbuilding power, do you see any opportunity for MAN to cooperate with local engine companies?

Between 12 and 15 percent of our annual revenue comes from China. Last year, the industry was in a downturn, but generally we look positively to the future. China has huge potential, and we are used to coping with upswings and downswings.

As part of the (Chinese industry) team, we will get even closer to our licensees, to make our engines even more efficient, teaming up with them to overcome the challenges.

You have been with MAN Diesel & Turbo for 17 years. How did you reach your current position, and what is the secret of your success?

Innovation. As an engineer, I love to design new technologies, new engines, which helps provide benefits for the customer. Innovation is the key driver, and looking at MAN, with leading technologies spanning more than 250 years, this is very important for our company. Technological innovation drives business success.

Second, it's the team. It's not my success. Third, once we have consensus, we execute. I think this is also very important in a lot of organizations. Sometimes there are a lot of debates, but no outcome, no execution. So you have to have the right team, find a consensus and then execute the strategy.

What's the greatest challenge you've encountered since taking over as CEO?

The greatest challenge is adapting to market conditions. Currently, the marine industry and turbo machinery business are going through difficult times. We constantly need to identify and invest in new areas for growth, such as de-carbonization and digitalization. New technologies must always be invested in, and we have a lot of R&D plans in the pipeline. Executing these strategies and future programs is a challenge.

What are your hobbies? How do the hobbies influence your personality and management style?

I was born in the southern part of Germany, in a mountainous region known as the Black Forest. So climbing mountains and skiing are what I do quite often. And in summer, I do a lot of jogging. Sports activities are very important for me to keep healthy. Work-life balance is also important.

What is your life/business philosophy?

My business philosophy is teamwork. It's not me, it's the team. You need the right people to realize a business strategy.

What kind of "green" lifestyle do you have?

I'm trying to avoid using elevators. Sometimes in China it is difficult if you have your room on the 20th or 30th floor!



Age: 50

Birthplace: Bad Sackingen, Germany


2015 onward: CEO of MAN Diesel & Turbo

2014-15: Executive Board member, responsible for sales and after sales

2010-14: Head of the Oil & Gas business unit

2000-10: Head of compressor design, Head of compressor R&D

1992-2000: Management positions with BOC Cryostar


1992: Master's degree in mechanical engineering, University of Konstanz

2000: Master's degree in Economic Engineering, University St. Gallen

2009: PhD in mechanical engineering, University of Kronstadt


Married with two children

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