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Borg-Warner Automatics Inquiry

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Borg Warner Inquiry automatics

Regarding VAM cars, the first automatic transmissions for regular production cars appeared in 1968, restricted to the Javelin and the Rambler Classic (Rebel) and not available in the Rambler American. These were the Borg Warner "Shift-Command" units. For the 1972 model year VAM shifted to the Chrysler Torque-Flyte "Torque-Command" units just like AMC.

The question I'm looking to answer here is the following.

From all the Borg-Warner automatic transmissions used by AMC between 1968 and 1971, WHAT MODELS were used with six cylinder engines?

As far as I've been able to investigate, no VAM fan knows the specific model for the pre-1972 transmissions, including some ex-employees.

VAM used the Borg-Warner automatic transmission in cars equipped with the 232 six in both 145 and 155 hp versions (one and two barrel configuration). I'm pretty much sure it was the same as AMC in this case. However, VAM also used automatic transmission in engines with much higher torque, such as the 252 and 282 sixes.

I'm pretty much SURE that VAM did NOT use the same transmission model in a 232-equipped 1968 Javelin than in a 282-equipped 1971 Javelin.

What Borg-Warner automatic transmission model was used with the 290 and 304 V8 engines?

Were there different transmission models used if the car was equipped with an specific carburetor and exhuast system (two-barrel to four-barrel)?

The only Borg-Warner automatic transmission models I know specifically were the M11 and the M12 used in the Javelins with V8 engines, even though I do not know what model goes for what engine.  The "Torque-Command" Torque-Flytes are a different story, the A904 for the xises, the A998 for the 304 and the A727 for the 360 and the 401.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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