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BW 35 transmission oil

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The upshot of it is that........

While it will work, it is slowly but surely ruining the gearbox.

I worked in the agricultural industry for many years and I learned a lot about oil, and remembered this problem coming up a long time ago when the gearboxes were still current. I couldn't remember exactly why, but reading this jogged my memory.

No doubt the specialists have just been told by the oil company sales rep that its OK......when it obviously isnt ! But as specialists.....no matter what the field......I feel that knowledge is sadly lacking. Its a shame that people rely on them so much for assistance.

The vendors always got away with it because it did not cause an immediate failure, but one has to wonder how many gearboxes suffered a premature failure because of it. Dont you all remember how, at one time, you would be advised to avoid an auto like the plague ?

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