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Understanding the BorgWarner ITM 3e® AWD Transmission

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Understanding the BorgWarner ITM 3e® AWD Transmission

Posted by ETE Product Support on Thursday, April 10th, 2014

The ITM 3e

A cutaway illustration of the ITM 3e.
Image courtesy of Off-road.com.

The ITM 3e® AWD transmission has been in production for almost 10 years now. Chances are, you’ll start seeing these units in your shop, if you haven’t already. So here’s an overview of how this innovative transmission/power transfer system works.

ITM stands for Interactive Torque Management, which refers to how the system uses data from the brakes, steering, wheel, throttle linkage, brake pad, and other sensors to keep the vehicle stable in all driving conditions. The idea behind ITM is to stop an accident before it occurs, by anticipating emergency situations and compensating for them instantly.

For example, imagine a motorist going around a curve when the back wheels hit a patch of ice. The rear will start to slide outward, causing the driver to turn the wheel further away from the approaching curve. Unless he or she gets the vehicle straightened out immediately, however, it may start to spin. This is referred to by driving experts as oversteering. The ITM 3e® is designed to prevent this by correcting the yaw, or rotation of the vehicle.

ITM 3e® Components

The ITM 3e® AWD transmission uses electronic controls to transfer torque to the rear wheels. The amount of torque varies according to sensor input. A manual teardown of the system reveals the following components:

Operating Modes

The ITM 3e® AWD transmission operates in four modes:

The ITM 3e® AWD transmission uses technology to improve both driver safety and MPGs. As with anything mechanical, these systems eventually develop problems, which means you’re likely to see them from time to time. The information in this post, however, will help you to repair these units when that day comes.

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