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Wicked Wheel 2, 6.5TD Upgrade Turbo Wheel for Aftermarket Turbos

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Wicked Turbine/201606/20/36076.html">Wheel, upgrade turbo wheel, 92-01 6.5TD all AFTERMARKET turbos as used on C/K trucks, vans and H1 Hummers. CNC machined from Billet Aluminum

  Wicked Turbine/201606/20/36076.html">Wheel 2, 6.5TD Upgrade Turbo Wheel for Aftermarket Turbos  
Model: SSD-WW65AD   $189.99  

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Wicked Wheel 2, 6.5TD Upgrade Turbo Wheel for Aftermarket Turbos

Wicked Wheel® 2 for the 92-2001 6.5TD Chevy

Greatly Improves Throttle Response
Increased Horsepower
Lower EGTs
Easy Installation - no modifications needed
Increased Boost

Fits all AFTERMARKET turbos such as our ssd-2988

Also available for Duramax, Powerstroke and Cummins. Call us for details

Important tips:

It is a left hand thread (reverse thread), meaning you turn the nut to the right to loosen.
The Wicked Wheel is balanced at the Factory. Turbo balancing after installation is not necessary. Please watch the instructional video below and contact us with any questions. Installation error is not warranty and this wheel is not returnable once it's seal is broken.

Will fit all AFTERMARKET turbos such as our ssd-2988. We also have one available for OEM turbos such as our ssd-GM3, ssd-GM4, ssd-GM6 and ssd-GM8 sold as p/n ssd-WW65.

If unsure how to tell which turbo you have, please write to tech@ssdieselsupply.com

Our goal with this project was to create a more efficient turbocharger. When we talk about a turbo's maximum recommended boost levels, we base that on the rpms the turbo needs to turn in order to create said boost. When you increase boost without increasing rpms or drive pressure, the load on the turbocharger is the same for the elevated boost as is was for the original lower boost number.  The best part is when you run at lower pressures, like you would in daily driving conditions, the drive pressure/ boost pressure ratios are always lower, which should in turn result in longer turbo life, not less.

Using a billet (Machined from solid aircraft grade Alcoa A2000 series aluminum) compressor wheel has two distinct advantages.

Weight/Mass reduction

2.     Design of blades

Weight/Mass reduction-because the Wicked Wheel is made using 5 axis CNC, and because of the high quality aluminum, we are able to take much material out of the wheel to make it lighter. The OE wheel is made of cast aluminum.  Any time you cast something, you are limited to the design because of process of the casting.  By making it lighter, the overall mass or weight of the turbine assembly is less and thus takes less force (fuel/exhaust gas) to move/spool.

Design of blades- the OE has a very difficult challenge when they manufacture a vehicle.  They have to set the tuning and performance to work “pretty good” in all conditions.  It has to work in extreme cold, in extreme heat, at sea level, at high altitudes, etc. all the while trying to protect the vehicle to get through the warranty period. The same turbo is also commonly used in various applications. So many times, the turbo did not match the engine as best as it could.  They improved with tuning, or doing something to it for a better fitment. The aftermarket quickly finds the soft areas and improves on these quickly.   The same is true with the compressor wheel.  It is made of cast aluminum, which is very economical to produce, and the design has to work “pretty good” in all conditions.  Keep in mind 5 axis CNC technology (at least to produce economically) has not been available until the last 5-10 years.  The design of the wheel can now be changed to better meet the demands of the engine/vehicle.  Similar to a boat impeller, we can change the pitch, blade count, taper the tips, increase blade heights, use trailering angles, etc all designed to maximize air volume and pressure into the combustion chamber to burn fuel.


For the 6.5L we looked at two designs initially:

The 6x6 blade (6 high blades and six low blades- this is called a complex wheel)

The 5x5 blade (5 high and 5 low)

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