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BorgWarner accused Cummins of patents infringement

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Cummins BorgWarner pat accused

A new patent-related lawsuit began Wednesday in North Carolina. BorgWarner Inc, a technology leader in engineered automotive systems and components, started a lawsuit against its competitor Cummins Inc, accusing the engine maker of violating the patent rights related to titanium compressor wheels used in engine turbochargers. Until this hour, Cummins officials refused to comment regarding this subject.

In May 2011, BorgWarner won $32.5 million from a similar patent infringement case, against Honeywell International Inc.

Due to the rise of the new ‘green’ trend, which is pressing car makers to develop technologies that allow ever greater fuel economy in cars, most companies that develop environment friendly technologies reported high incomes and profit this year.

This is also the case of Borg Warner Inc., as it develops products to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and enhance performance. The company has operating facilities in 59 locations from 19 countries and reported in July a profit of $162 million for the second quarter, with 95,7 percent increase versus 2010. The company will unveil its latest earnings on Friday, October 28, 2011.

According to the latest figures stated by Cummins, its profit rose reached $452 million in the third quarter, with 60 percent more than last year.

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