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Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

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Volkswagen a VW HPA H.P.A.

More than just a means of transportation. A custom car combines art, ego, and passion to create a mechanical extension of one's personality.

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

HPA Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Conversions

HPA builds some of the World’s fastest vehicles. Not just a turbo kit conversion, each vehicle is a complete package where every component from brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, interior, and body styling are updated to create a cohesively prepared super car for your collection.

Now Available: FT565 equipped twin turbo vehicle packages. All conversions will be based on showroom stock vehicles delivered to our facility in Langley, B.C. Our team will work with you choose the appropriate base vehicle (Audi S3, Audi TT, or Volkswagen R32, Scirocco) and arrange for the factory original car to be delivered to our workshop for the transformation to begin.

The understated stance of the FT565 offers a discretionary experience flying below the radar of the local sheriff and unwanted car thieves, while out performing the unsuspecting branded super cars such as the Murcielago and Porsche. Just imagine the thrill of taking your car out to the theater without hesitation, then rocketing through your favorite stretch of back country roads at a pace Michael Schumacher would be proud of. The FT565 will free your inhibitions.

Limited Edition FT565 Twin Turbo HPA Vehicle Packages

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

The FT565 is the 800lb gorilla for the competition. Ignite the engine with a flick of the key and simply roll on the throttle and watch everything turn to a blur as the DSG offers a surreal acceleration experience on route to 200MPH! With your adrenaline spent, just sit back and relax with the confidence inspiring drivability that matches the best touring sedans on the market. Producing a maximum of 10 vehicles per year, the FT565 will be regarded as one of the most sought after performance cars on the market today.

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

Each FT565 project begins with a detailed planning session to discuss your desired level of trim and intended use for the car. Armed with this knowledge, we will assemble the appropriate combination of components to accomplish these goals. The base vehicle will be a 3.2L V6 All Wheel Drive equipped Volkswagen or Audi platform, fully loaded with all of the modern conveniences these well-built German automobiles are known for. Your DSG equipped FT565 vehicle will soon be the favorite one in your collection.

FT-565 Specifications:

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

Performance Figures:

565 hp

500 ft-lbs torque

0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds

1/4 mile in 11.7 seconds

60-0 mph in 111 feet

FT-565 Twin Turbo 3.2L V6 Motor:

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

8.5:1 Compression Ratio

Garrett/HGP R25 ball bearing turbos

1.2 bar Boost

Race Grade Connecting Rod Bearings

Cast aluminum short runner intake manifold

Dual air-to-air side mount Competition intercoolers

Proprietary silicone boost plumbing

High flow fuel supply system

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

Sport Tuned Exhaust:

Twin 60mm Downpipes

100 Cell Count Catalysts

Stainless Steel 88mm exhaust with bypass valves

DSG Transmission:

Performance Clutch Packs

Re-Programmed Mechatronic

Quattro AWD Drivetrain:

Generation 2 Haldex Sport Controller Sport Suspension:

KW Variant 3 coilover suspension

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

Big Brakes:

365 x 34 mm front discs with 8 pistonmonobloc calipers

335 x 22 mm rear discs

Wheels & Tires:

19” BBS CH wheels

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 235/35ZR19

Twin Turbo Performance Vehicle Packages

Interior Upgrades:

Custom Two-Toned Interior

Body Styling:

Couture Packages available from Abt, Rieger, etc

Vehicles starting from $150,000. Please contact us to inquire about availability.

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