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California Smog With A Turbo

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Really, please refrain from making those unbased and uneducated comments. What you should have said is, "to the best of my knowledge, it is illegal". The word "illegal" should not pertain to California vehicle emissions. Federal mandates do not enforce emissions equipment on used vehicles, only on new vehicles. Meaning, if you decide to buy a vehicle in a state where there are no state ARB/EPA vehicle emissions mandates or regulations, you can, in the privacy of your own home, install whatever turbo, engine, supercharger, exhaust, that your heart desires.

How is it that my 1962 VW bug has no emissions equipment, spews 10 times more pollutants than a brand new Dodge Viper SRT-10, yet meets all CARB/Cal EPA mandates and requirements? And a Honda turbo doesn't? My neighbor has a 1968 Chevelle with a 502 ci. big block, a Eaton-Roots 10-71 supercharger and raw fuel drizzles out his dual exhausts at idle. Yet he is "legal" and cool, and a Honda dude with a turbocharger, is a nuisance and a danger to society.

Please don't try to school me on the "grandfather clause" or that vehicles 30 years or older are exempt. Or that, California is a smoggy state, or that the air is dirty. The fact of the matter is, the dirtiest air in California is near the Mexican border, where Mexican vehicles do not have emissions equipment, the Mexican factories do not monitor their hazardous airborne emissions and people really can care less whether the air is dirty or not. There are borders that curtail "illegal" immigration, but the borders do not stop "illegal" air pollution. I know, because I have a house in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.

As my disclaimer, I believe everybody on public internet forums should take public forum information as a grain of salt. If something on the internet sounds too good to be true, either ignore it or double-check if the source knows something others don't. Just because you don't know something, "superbluecivicsi",doesn't mean it can't be done.

If someone cares so much about California vehicle air pollution, the border is there and you can boycott California/Mexico border air quality. Oh, maybe they can build some really big fans, that blow the bad air out to the Pacific ocean or back to Mexico. But wait, what about the fish, and the whales? And, how would they power those fans? Hmmm.... by building more power generation stations, that create more air pollution.

Everytime you see a hot rod, or a muscle car driving by, do people think, boy that is the main cause of air pollution, cars that are 30 years or older? Or, do they think...darn that is cool? For any California air pollution advocates out there, hunt down the hot rods and the muscle cars with V8's in them and get them off the road first, before chasing the Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mustang, Chevy, VW, BMW turbocharged gearheads, that have emission equipment and create alot less air pollution than what you may imagine.

i didnt care to read your whole post. to answer the question, by the legnth of the post, you are making it much more comples than it need be." will you pass smog with a turbo?"

the answer is no. besides not pasing the actual sniffer will depend on your snail.

also, you cannot vent exhaust fumes under your hood.

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