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September 10, 2014 at 12:33 PM

Did you enjoy the e-mail business presentation and project, with technical data sheet for you request a quotation?

I look forward to impatience and a courteous and friendly response

important question?


"NEW" BORG WARNER 5327-970-7200-

THIS QUICK SPOOL TURBO'S FIT TO 1976 3.0L - 3.6L 1994 930 911 TURBO 965 & TURBO CARS.

By: F&B International srl For: Alatganti
From: John To Medioli Attn: Technical direction
e.mail: hrfx@live.it


I send you a presentation and its official request for quotation.

The undersigned is a project manager of the F & B International Ltd., which is a company that deals with electronic and automotive sectors, contact you because we would like to install two turbine hybrid "special" for that is a bank, the motor

V10 4.8 TDI high performance and low power consumption, and go with an advanced and super clean fuel, which is not derived from petroleum !, the source of energy that will make it work, it will be super clean and is called GTL.

As for the turbo, I would like the snail mounted hot source in the Volvo D5, is paired with a maxi spiral cold initialed K 27 or 28, "it will install two, one for bank cylinders" we'd be really happy if the special turbocharger that will be created, there are also reinforced bearings and shaft, if the thing that we ask is feasible on your part?

Certainly you have done something you liked and waiting for your kind and friendly response.

Sure you did something to you and welcome your waiting for a new answer courteous and friendly.

F & B International Ltd.

John Medioli

NB: With regard to the turbo, I would like the snail mounted hot in'd be really happy if the special turbocharger that will be created, including bearings and shaft reinforced, but we would also like to know for business reasons if
you can join the snail hot VolksWaghen 2.0 TDI Audi Skoda Seat, cool the snail signed 26 K, also in this case with bearings and shaft reinforced, if the thing on your part is that possible?

For this advanced and high-performance V10 4.8 TDI RS, we would like to install the highly advanced common-rail injection BOSCH signed NSRF 3-25, or the common-rail system DENSO, which is signed DCR, you could provide us with one of the two systems, which run at 2500 bar? or that with injectors piezzoeletrici to 2000 bar?

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