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Cooling system failures

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A little more $$? Limited success?

Tank replacement = $50 - $80. The job takes less than 30 minutes at a competent shop.
New radiator = $300 - $500. If you are lucky, you'll find the one you need in stock.

I've bought a lot of radiators over the years, and had a bunch of tanks replaced. The crimps can break off when they do the job, but it's hardly "limited success". A VERY small number are unsuccessful. This according to my experience, and the experienced word of my cousin, who works at a radiator shop that does a high volume of these, of every brand. They guarantee the work, and will apply your repair job price toward a replacement if necessary (for a year). There is no reason to not attempt a tank replacement if the core is sound.

Now, as far as the emergency repairs go, logic (and my luck) dictates a temporary repair is possible (like Robyn's pic) if it breaks in your driveway. However, they will almost always break off clean at the tank when in the sticks. Your luck may lead to other options. Mine doesn't. Ever. Murphy is my shadow. I'd rather be lucky than good, but it doesn't seem I'll ever see that option. YMMV

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