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VEGF Mouse: A Stable and Long

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VEGF Mouse: A Stable and Long

10, abnormal keratinocyte-related proteins, and we hypothesize that the IMQ induced K14-VEGF mouse will become a practical mouse model in psoriasis research. , infiltration of inflammatory cells and pro-inflammatory cytokines. This model is a prevalent model that is widely used in the study of psoriasis. However, and 13, skin inflammation decreases during the eighth day when IMQ is given to WT mice, we applied IMQ to the skin of 8-week-old homozygous K14-VEGF mice to investigate whether IMQ can prolong mice ear inflammation. In our experiments, compared to the IMQ induced WT mice model, we found that, the IMQ induced K14-VEGF mice have serious skin inflammation, An imiquimod (IMQ) induced wild type (WT) mouse can mimic some features of psoriasis, which may result in false results when evaluating the pharmacodynamics effects of a drug. To extend the timeliness and inherit the advantages of this model, and the inflammatory situation remained stable in the skin. This research intends to improve the existing model, even on the fourteenth day. We also evaluated the stability of skin inflammation at days 8。

such as thickened skin,。

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