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The Alternative to an upgraded ct26 [Archive]

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Turbo tur FLANGE CT26 FEED

Ok the idea behind this thread is to show there are alternative turbo's around these days that can do a better job than an expensive CT26 upgrade. after lots of reaserch it is believed that a 57trim Turbo is the best all round option in terms of driveabilty and performance with minimal lag. This Trim can see around 400bhp when pushed (supporting mods needed of course).

So what do we need?

Well to begin, Our manifold is designed for a ct26 turbo. We need a small adpater flange that bolts to the manifold and allows a t3 foot print turbo to be bolted up. this also allows t3/t4 Turbos to be bolted up - why? well t3/t4 turbos now flood the market. They are a hybrid of a t3 exhaust side for quick spool and a t4 cold side for maximum boost pressure. They are also very CHEAP!

For the Flange i would consider this one from 935motorsports.com
CT26 T3 Adapter 7MGTE/ST165
[7M3SCT26T3] $69.00


Ok so now we can mount a t3/t4 turbo to the standard manifold, but which one? well luckily over the years people playing with upgraded ct26 turbos found that the best all round trim was a 57. These worked great, but where hindered by the exhaust side of the ct26. People would clip the exhaust side which would allow the exhaust gasses to flow a little better. Now the t3/t4 turbos come with bigger exhaust sides so this isnt a problem. So these will actually work better than the ct26 57trim upgrade!!!

Now these are available all over ebay, but ideally you want one with a 5 bolt flapper style waste gate built on (though it can be bought seperatly). here one from ebay, as you can see the back plate is missing this is known as the wastegate housing. Now fortunately these can be found on all t3 turbos from volvos fords etc etc so they are very easy to get a hold off, alternatively they can be bought on ebay too..

the particular specs for the turbo are perfect




It can be found easily on ebay USA for around $270

Now if you dont want to find the wastegate housing in a scrappy then a quick search of ebay should throw up one like this....


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