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CT20 Turbo Specifications

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Turbo Specifications CT20

Wastegate Specs
  • The standard CT20 uses a wastegate with a 26 mm ID, but it is capable of utilizing an aftermarket 28 mm wastegate. The stock actuator spring is preset at 10 lbs. To increase boost you'll need to either install a heavier-duty spring or utilize some sort of boost control. The rear CT20A turbo does not utilize a wastegate; rather, it uses an internal exhaust bypass valve to help ease the transition from the primary turbo.

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    CT20 Turbo Specifications

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  • Compressor Specs
  • The CT20's compressor housing's inlet ID is 49.8 mm and the outlet ID is 32.4 mm. The ten-bladed (technically "twin five-blade") investment cast aluminum compressor wheel's inlet diameter is 37 mm and its outlet diameter is 62 mm. The compressor housing has an A/R of .36.

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    Manufactured by Hitachi, the CT20 turbo has been used on a number of factory turbocharged engines, the most notable of which are the Toyota Supra, Celica and the mid-engined MR2. On the outer edge of its rpm range, this turbo is capable of supporting over 300 horsepower on single turbo cars and about 600 horsepower on the twin-turbo Supra.

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  • Bearing Specs
  • The turbo's bronze main bearing has six oiling holes per side and is 8.96 mm wide. The bearing's outside diameter (OD) is 15.9 mm and its inside diameter is 10.05 mm.

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