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Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Engines

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Caterpillar en Heavy Equipment

Caterpillar Engines New Aftermarket, Used and Rebuilt Engines

AMS can save you a lot on new aftermarket, used and rebuilt Caterpillar Engines and related parts. We offer everything from attachments, final drives, undercarriages, engines, cylinders, cabs, pumps and much more for all makes and models of construction equipment. We have a national reach for all of our customers and provide parts to customers around the globe. To request a quote, simply give us a call or click the Get Quote button below and a parts specialist will reply with a quote in minutes.

Some of the Caterpillar Engine parts we sell include:

Air Cleaner

Air Compressor


Bearing Kit

Bell Housing

Bell Housing/Fly Wheel Housing

Bell Housing/Flywheel Housing

Bell Housing/Flywheel Housing (Low SN)

Bell Housing/Flywheel Housing (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Bell Housing/Flywheel Housing (High SN)



Charge Air Cooler

Complete Engine

Complete Engine (4045HT056)

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Complete Engine (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Complete Engine (4045HT065)

Complete Engine (CAT 3116 Version)

Complete Engine (Cummins Engine)

Complete Engine (Diesel)

Complete Engine (Gas)

Complete Engine (International Engine)

Complete Engine (Mitsubishi Version. Grey Market)

Complete Engine (Non Powertech)

Complete Engine (Non Turbo)

Complete Engine (Powertech Version)

Complete Engine (With turbo)

Complete Engine Tier 1

Complete Engine Tier 2

Control (Engine)

Cooling Fan


Cover Engine


Crankshaft (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Crankshaft (6068HT054)

Crankshaft (6068HT055)

Crankshaft (High S/N 216422 and up)

Crankshaft (High SN)

Crankshaft (Low S/N up to 216421)

Crankshaft (Low SN)

Cylinder Block

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head (4045HT056)

Cylinder Head (4045HT061)

Cylinder Head (4045HT064)

Cylinder Head (4045HT065)

Ejector Valve


Engine (With Turbo)

Engine / Pump Control

Engine And Pump Control

Engine Compartment Door LH

Engine Compartment Door LH Front with Latch and Hinge

Engine Compartment Door LH Rear with Hinge

Engine Compartment Door LH with Latch and Hinge

Engine Compartment Door RH

Engine Compartment Door RH with Latch and Hinge

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Engine Controller

Engine Fan Blade

Engine Frame

Engine Hood

Engine Hood (Fabricated)

Engine Hood (Stamped)

Engine Oil Pump

Engine Side Shield LH

Engine Side Shield LH with Door

Engine Side Shield RH

Engine Side Shield RH Front

Engine Side Shield RH Rear

Engine Switch Box

Exhaust Manifold


Fly Wheel

Fuel Filter Pump

Fuel Injection Pump

Fuel Injector Pump

Fuel Tank

Heater Core

Heater Manifold

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Oil Cooler (4045HT061, 4045HT064)


Injection Pump


Injector (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Injector (High SN)

Injector (Low SN)

Injector w/ Spacer

Long Block

Long Block (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Long Block (With Turbocharger)

Long Block (Without Turbocharger)


Monitor (Fuel Etc)


Mounting Bracket


Oil cooler

Oil Fuel Tank Cover

Oil Pan

Oil Pump

Output Shaft

Overhaul Kit

Overhaul Kit (4045HT056)

Overhaul Kit (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Overhaul Kit (4045HT065)

Pilot (Flywheel)


Pipe Kit



Radiator (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Radiator and Oil Cooler

Radiator Cap

Radiator Cover

Radiator Grille

Radiator Grille Bottom

Radiator Grille Top

Radiator LH

Radiator Panel

Radiator RH

Radiator/Cooler Group


Right Front Engine Door

Short Block

Short Block (4045HT056)(4045HT065)

Short Block (4045HT061, 4045HT064)

Short Block (High SN)

Short Block (Low SN)

Shroud, Fan

Shuttle Pack Rockford

Splitter Box


Stepping Motor

Temperature Guage


Torque Converter

Torque Converter Housing (Rotating)

Torque Driven Gear

Torque Hub


Turbo (For SAA4 engine)

Turbo Charger

Turbo Charger (4045HT056)

Turbo Charger (4045HT061)

Turbo Charger (4045HT064)

Turbo Charger (4045HT065)

Turbo Charger (Casting RE60000 OR RE508693)

Turbo Charger (Casting RE60388)

Turbo Charger (Casting RE71040)

Turbo Charger (For Isuzu Engine)

Turbo Charger (For S4D engine)

Turbo Charger (Low S/N up to 148514)


Turbocharger (For Cummins Engine)

Turbocharger (High S/N 148515 and up)

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