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West Middlesex Scale Model Club

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West Model Scale Middlesex

Vought-Douglas F-109X Voodoo Crusader. 1/48th Scale.

Chance-Vought took a chance with McDonnell-Douglas by combining to produce the unique Vought-Douglas F-109X Voodoo Crusader. The merging of two leading-edge aircraft resulted in an example of an exceptional and excellent land / ship-borne fighter-bomber. The pilot's view was superb, especially with callier landings. Performance-wise, it was powered by two General-Eccentric Cor-Blimey atomic engines of 50,000lbs thrust each! The aircraft went supersonic before leaving the runway or flightdeck which gave the ground crews strange feelings that the aircraft was coming beore it had gone. Carrying two "Big Boy" heat seeking missiles, a hydrogen bomb and four "Boy-oh-Boy" 100mm cannons. This aircraft could start and finish a war al on its own and in one mission. One and a half aircraft were built before all major countries said they wouldn't go to war whilst this plane was around because it was unfair competition as the aircraft was very , very naughty and would make war no fun anymore.

This model is made up from two separate and different kits. The front half is an 1:48 ESCI kit of the Chance-Vought Crusader. The rear half is a Lindberg 1:48 kit of the McDonnell-Douglas Voodoo. With lots of putty and patience I managed to combine the two fuselages into one smooth shape with no sign of the joint.

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