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XUD 1.9 Td tuning questions!

Time:2019-04-11 04:33Turbochargers information Click:


Lol I have once before and it's noisy as fook, It's the main family car at the moment and at best stripping it out to a degree that it's still useable then I only lose 80 Kg or so (I mean that is a whole average person, But the noise is unbearable)!

I really like the idea of fitting a compound turbo setup just for the laugh of it. I have heard of this been done using a turbo from a lorry but the report was that you didn't get noteable power until around 5k rpm, that's no good for daily driving

Having the AS3 Bosch pump doesn't help much either but I'm not in the position to g out buying an unknown second pump to replace the AS3 unit (not that I would even get a gain from doing so)!
I am getting a second car soon so at least then I can go to town a bit more on this one when I have the second on the road

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