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Available turbo upgrades?

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I think 54 and 57 trim T04E have been around for a while. They might have been OEM on some diesel trucks. They are cheaper as a result. I ran a 54 trim for several years (mated to a 0.48 A/R stage II turbine with ball bearing center section) but changed it a little over a year ago for a 44 trim. I wanted better spool and the 44 trim is still good for more power than I have ever made. According to Ola at Innovative, the 44 trim should support up to about 400 hp.

The compressor efficiency maps are not great for 54 and 57 trim on little 4 cylinder motors that see mostly street use. For a drag car, you can use a much larger than necessary turbo because daily driveability is not important.

The 46 and 50 trim are viewed by the Turboford guys with 2.3L 8V turbos as good high performance street turbo choices. They also tend to favor manual trans and larger (0.63) exhaust housings with staged (II or III) turbine wheels.

But if you are turbo limited now in terms of power and get this turbo cheap, go ahead. Try it out for a while. Down the road, you can buy a smaller compressor if you want. I would make sure that it has a larger turbine, since significantly larger diameter compressors don't spool well with stock diameter turbines.

Philip Bradley

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