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Global News News.2015

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11 March 2015

Suzuki launches the all-new Alto Turbo RS minicar in Japan

all-new Alto Turbo RS

Suzuki Motor Corporation has launched the all-new Alto Turbo RS minicar in Japan on 11 March, 2015. Alto Turbo RS is a minicar that has pursued sporty, brisk driving and fun of maneuvering a car.

Based on the all-new Alto, which has largely raised its basic performance such as by the adoption of a newly-developed platform, the all-new Alto Turbo RS was developed, aiming for the “authentic driving with excitement and enjoyment”.
Coupled with Auto Gear Shift (AGS) equipped with paddle shift, the enhanced turbo engine that realizes strong acceleration is installed on a body with increased rigidity.
Plus, it has realized crisp and pleasant driving while combining high driving performance and agile ride, by equipping specially-tuned suspensions and brakes, special front seat, etc.
It is designed to feel the driving performance by the exterior accented with plating and red colors, along with special decoration to increase its presence, and red color effectively used on the black-based interior that gives a sharp image.
Also, it has great utility for everyday use by making advanced safety technologies such as the Radar Brake Support collision-mitigation braking system as standard equipment, while keeping the comfortable cabin space and user-friendliness of the all-new Alto.

Main features of the all-new Alto Turbo RS Features of the all-new Alto Turbo RS 1. Authentic driving that provides excitement and enjoyment Turbo engine that realizes strong, exciting acceleration performance
  • - Installed with enhanced R06A intake VVT turbo engine that realizes strong acceleration.
  • - Increased low-to-mid speed torque and maximum torque owing to the adoption of high-tumble intake port and high-efficiency turbo charger.
  • *Maximum torque (net): 98Nm <10.0kgm>/3,000rpm
  • - Increased response of turbocharging by suppressing the turbo lag by approximately 20%*1.
  • *1 Comparison between the conventional R06A intake VVT turbo engine.
  • AGS equipped with paddle shift to realize direct driving and enjoy sport driving
  • - AGS is tuned for pleasant shift feel by speeding the shift timing.
  • - Equipped with five-speed paddle shift to enjoy sport driving.
  • Body that realized higher rigidity by making special reinforcement
  • - Increased torsional rigidity of the body by approximately 5%*2 such as by equipping a strut bar and high-rigidity front bumper member, and thickening the cowl front panel.
  • - Increased maneuvering stability and responsiveness by making effective extra spot welding in the rear of the body.
  • *2 Comparison between the all-new Alto.
  • Specially-tuned suspensions and brakes Special front seat with increased hold
  • - Adopted special front seat with increased support by making changes to its shape to ensure support during sporty driving, etc.
  • 2. Designed to feel its driving performance Exterior design with increased presence Interior design that increases the expectation towards its driving 3. Utility for everyday use Combination of strong driving and fuel efficiency
  • - Achieved fuel efficiency of 25.6km/L* (2WD) by adopting Engine Auto Stop Start System (during a complete stop), in addition to AGS coupled with turbo engine with excellent acceleration performance.
  • *Measured in the JC08 test cycle and verified by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism.
  • Comfortable cabin space and user-friendliness Installed advanced safety technologies including the Radar Brake Support
  • - Standard equipment of Radar Brake Support collision-mitigation braking system, unintended start control system, emergency stop signal, and ESP(R) (Electronic Stability Program).
  • *ESP is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.
  • - Adopted TECT (Total Effective Control Technology) body structure, a lightweight impact-absorbing frame that effectively absorbs and disperses impact energy.
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