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Stealth Turbo Upgrade size comparison

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Here is an old post from X-wing (Jack Tertadian) That gives a good turbo comparison (This is from 1999, so the times quoted are no longer 'best in class'):

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From: "xwing"
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Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 12:35 AM
Subject: 9B, 13G, 15G relative performances

The 13G make at least 50+ hp more than the 9B. I did no other changes on my '93 and went from 12.727 @ 107.562 mph to 12.172 @ 112.890 mph quartermile on 8/31/94 going from 9B to 13G. This is somewhat over 50hp, and I did not have the VPC/550 injectors yet, so had to limit boost to ~16-17psi or fuelcut came in. In this configuration, went best of 114.350 mph on 9/27/94, ~65hp more (all stats are NO nitrous in this letter, except as noted).

--I think 9B's can be good for about 410hp at wheels maxxed out with standard stuff.

Once VPC/550 injectors in, 13G's went 12.000 and 119.381 best mph, on 4/8/95; about 500 hp at the wheels; overall, gained about 110 hp with 13G over 9B, but given other changes 13G likely ~100 hp better than 9B. 13G best ET was 11.702 @ 118.061 on 6/6/96; this was through traps in 3rd gear, on the rev limiter. I was the first 3000GT in the 11's 5/17/95 with an 11.937@118.338. --I think 13G can be good for about 510hp at wheels maxxed out with standard stuff.

15G best MPH was 11.387 @ 125.76 11/28/96 at the 1st Annual 3000GT/Stealth vs. Diamond Star Shootout in Temple, TX with the 550 injectors; about 575 hp at the wheels, so 15G make about 75 hp more than 13 G, but note I made some other changes so 15G likely ~40-50hp better than 13G. After that, 720cc injectors did not add any mph to trapspeed, indeed seemed to LOWER speed likely due to over-rich condition-- but lowered EGT a tad (max 1850 F at Temple) which may or may not have been good because knock could at random times mean EGT high due to retard, or due to a true lean mix. Best ET for me with 15G was 11.303 @ 122.54 at DSM Shootout 5/16/97, which I won class in full interior, as required by Dave Buschur...Adam Weltz went ~11.25 "no NOS".

--I think 15G can be good for about 580hp at wheels maxxed out with standard stuff.

My car made best 575 or so at wheels no NOS, but that is not "maxxed" because I always had stock intercoolers, no headers, no head/intake/throttlebody porting/ignition/standalone computer--with THOSE parts, my "maxxed out" figures could be somewhat higher...

Best 3000GT/Stealth ET/MPH overall is still my 10.810 @ 128.44 with 15G's, 50hp NOS on 6/3/97; I had the distinct honor of making this pass lined up with the late Jeff Curtis in his Stealth...

I'd not hesitate to get 13G's if desired and price right. The 15G make more topend, and I think they are worth it. 17G and more exotic turbos have yet to put better numbers to the pavement. When they do, we'll see what other mods/weight reductions etc are on the cars doing it. 15G are still unbeaten, both on motor and with NOS; are capable of 125 mph quartermile / 575+ hp AT THE WHEELS no NOS in my car, with only piggyback computer mods/no porting/enginework beyond the boltons. Pretty amazing, really.

Jack Tertadian
Atomic Motorsports

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