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turbine Compressor housing

The difference is in the size of the turbine housing. That is the part of the turbo where the exhaust gasses flow trough. Trough the exhaust manifold hot gasses flow trough the turbine housing where they power the turbine wheel.

wheelheight 26.2 26.2 26.2 26.2

What is the difference between the standard TD04HL-15T#5 as mounted on T7 Saab's and the TD04HL-15T#6 listed in our shop?

turbinewheel HL

The most obvious difference is the entrance shape of the turbine housing. On a #5 housing this is a round hole, on the #6 the hole is oval.


The location of the wastegate in relation with the turbine flange also differs. This explains the need for a curved wastegate rod on a TD04HL-15T#6 for a T7 mounted TD04,  on a TD04HL-15T#5 the wastegate rod is straight.

TD04 is the turbo name.

compressorwheel 15T 16T 18T 19T


inducer 52

Will a "King Cobra" fit on any TD04 turbo?

The opening where the exhaust gasses pass trough is smaller on the #5 housing compared to the #6 housing. When the gasses are compressed trough a smaller opening the flow will be relatively high. This lets the #5 housing spool up quicker. The larger opening on the #6 housing lets gasses flow a little less fast, but allows for more capacity. With this less restrictive turbine housing a little more top end power can be given before the limit of the turbo is reached.



I's possible to switch a pre '06 compressor housing with a new smaller housing to fit the King Cobra. All other parts of the turbo are exactly similar. You only need to change the compressor housing.


exducer 45.6



You can find a volvo TD04 with a #07 turbine housing. To mount this on your 9-3 or 9-5 a T25 flange is needed on the turbo. Volvo uses the T3 flange on its exhaust manifold and turbo.
#5 is the turbine housing.

Volvo uses a even bigger turbine housing. Will this fit a Saab?

bladeheight 5.4 5.7 5.8


It is possible to mount the Volvo bigger compressor wheel on your Saab's turbo. The 19T compressor wheel is 4 mm larger in diameter and has a 2 mm bigger exducer. The compressor housing has to be altered to accommodate the larger compressor wheel.


The 9000 turbo does not bolt on a Trionic 7 engine without a slight modification. The compressor and turbine housing have a different angle apposed to each other. The connecting flange on the turbine / exhaust manifold also differs. 

How can you distinguish the TD04HL-15T#5 from the TD04HL-15T#6?

original picture by DrBoost.

What Trionic 7 engines use the TD04?

The standard Saab TD04 as used on a 9-3 Aero ('01-'02), Viggen and a 9-5 Aero is the TD04HL-15T#5.


exducer 56 56 56 58

In the year '06 Saab introduced 9-5 Aero's with 260 hp. Saab fitted the larger air inlet pipe with a less restrictive lower curve towards the turbo. On the different Saab enthusiasts internet forums this air intake pipe has gotten the name "King Cobra".
What can i dissect out of that name?

Cold filtered air enters the front of the compressor wheel in the inducer (1), the compressed air exits the compressor trough the exducer (2) trough the intercooler to the engine. 

Volvo uses a larger compressor wheel on some of its models. Will this compressor wheel fit my Saab turbo?

Most of the #7 Volvo turbine housings have a angled connection to the downpipe. These housings are least restrictive but need an alteration to the standard Saab downpipe. On the early 850's the turbine housing was a conical downpipe fitting almost similar to Saab's. This turbine housing opening is a bit smaller in diameter compared to the angled version resulting is a reduction in top end power.


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