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Hitachi Diesel Engine Turbochargers RHE7Q38

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Hitachi Diesel Engine Turbochargers RHE7Q38

Place of Origin :

Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :


BT80401Hitachi EX120-2/3TD04


49189-00570 8943675161

BT80402Hitachi EX200-1RHC7114400-2100

BT80403Hitachi EX200-2RHC6114400-2720

BT80404Hitachi EX200-5RHE6114400-3320

BT80418Hitachi EX220-1/SF110FRHC624100-1860

BT80409Hitachi EX230-6/ZX200 230RHG6114400-3770

BT80412Hitachi EX300-1/UH12-7RHC724100-1440

BT80411Hitachi EX300-2/3RHC7114400-3140

BT80413Hitachi EX300-3CRHE7114400-3340

BT80410Hitachi EX300-7RHG6114400-3890

BT80408Hitachi EX300-7RHC7114400-3900

BT80405Hitachi EX450RHC9114400-3830

BT80407Hitachi EX400-5TA51114400-2080

BT80406Hitachi ZX330-3RHG6114400-4380

BT80420Hitachi ZX450-3TD08H114400-4440

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