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front page posters only
Reddit for Grownups
My Front Page
Comcast’s Corporate response to my recent Reddit front page post (“Comcast’s Notorious Unreturned Equipment Fees”) sends clear message: Comcast does not give a sh*t about customers – unless your story goes national.
You illegally remove a bike rack in front of my home/business, just wait.
My front step is not a fire hydrant.
70% of the things on my front page are 15+ hours old. What's the deal? I already find myself spending less time on this site because of it.
TIFU by almost dying in front of my interviewer
Can just 1000 people up-vote this so I can see if my front page is broken?
TIFU by unknowingly exposing my flaccid manhood in front of my entire class.
Accidentally buying drugs in front of my neighbors
I am wasting my 20's in front of a computer screen, dreaming of the life I want to live. How do you motivate yourself to get out there and live your life?
TIFU by getting detention for pretending to suck a dick in front of my teacher
Bitch broke my front door
TIFU by kissing my friend's wife in front of him and my wife
Jeb posing in front of my Iron Golem fan art :)
TIFU by farting in front of my wife.
I'm (22/f) sort of new at work. My coworker (mid 30's/m) that has an inappropriate crush on me was found this morning, naked, in front of my cubicle.
Neighbor has a camera pointing at my front door. I used an infrared blocker on it. Police came and took down my blocker, but not his camera!
[OTHER] Right now as I sit silently and alone in front of my Christmas tree, coffee brewing, boyfriend and dog still snoozing away in bed, I realize how lucky and happy I am to be childfree.
TIFU by stripping on front of all of my coworkers.
Just had a mortifying experience in front of my parents, needed to share
One of my students accused me of lying about my running career in front of my entire class today
[NY] My landlord gave a master key to her dad and he unlocked my front door and entered my apartment. Should I do something?
Today, I had a piece of food stuck in my front teeth

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