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Subaru forum Original Justy

I wish I have a spreadsheet of these turbos but FYI, a RHB32 is off from a '87 - '89 Chevy Sprint (Ponitac Firefly in Canada) turbo model, TD-03 turbos are from Volvo S80 twin turbos, IHI RHF3's are from a Daihatsu's in Europe and Asia markets, Garrett T-15's came off from Hyundai Scoupe, GT-12 and GT-15 are aftermarket and you can get them from Garrett dealers.





I know I'm gonna make a stupid request but, could you post the vehicles that use these turbos from the factory so the next time I hit the salvage yards or the insurance auctions I know what to look for. For instance what car uses a RHB32 ? This would be a plus for all of us who want to turbocharge our engines but, are unsure of which donor cars to source for a turbo.

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