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The Daihatsu Three Cylinder Engine Guide(2)

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The Daihatsu Three Cylinder Engine Guide(2)

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Note that, output was lifted to the new 47kW limit for Japanese Kei class vehicles. The 1990 released L200-series Mira/Leeza steps up to a 659cc EF-JL three-pot with the benefit of four-valves-per-cylinder (but only SOHC), a five-speed front-wheel-drive gearbox comes attached. Interestingly, the new EB 547cc three was equipped with an IHI RHB51 turbocharger blowing through a carburettor. This engine is available in the high performance versions of the Japanese market L70-series Mira/Cuore/Leeza. It is also available in some Atrai small vans. With a SOHC head, from 1988, we missed out Daihatsus high performance threes after the axing of the 1980s Charade Turbo. The closest thing weve had is the Sirion and Cuores EJ-VE 1-litre three which runs DOHC, this engine produces up to 37kW at 5000 rpm and 90Nm at 3000 rpm. Five-speed manuals or four-speed autos were available. This engine has apparently achieved a record breaking 103 mpg (2.7 litres per 100km) in the Charade. In the early 80s in Japan, Daihatsu also released the 659cc JB-JL four-cylinder which is not to be confused for a three-pot. The engine uses a 61mm bore and 56.4mm stroke together with a DOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder head with multi-point fuel injection. The DOHC turbo engine also benefits from an air-to-air intercooler and a larger RHB5 turbocharger providing around 0.7 Bar boost. Amazingly, this engine is more than 50 percent gruntier than its earlier cousin theres 77kW at 6500 rpm and 130Nm at 3500 rpm. Again, the existing EF-JL engine was developed into the EF-DET which gains a DOHC cam head and a slightly higher static compression ratio. Power output remains at the regulation 47kW (or so its claimed!) but torque swells to a maximum of 107Nm at 3200 rpm. This is the ultimate 660cc three-cylinder Daihatsu Kei engine as found in high performance versions of the Mira, and be aware that the turbocharged Daihatsu engine can also be tuned to give a 50 - 100 percent power increase with relatively little fuss true small block grunt!, Daihatsu offered a gutless two-cylinder turbo engine but a small frame three-cylinder engine appeared for the 1986 model year. Initially, Australia missed out on the rally-built CB70 DOHC turbo engine fitted to the Japanese G100S Charade GTti/GT-XX. The CB70 engine shares a similar bottom-end to the CB60 (though with a 7.8:1 compression ratio) but the top-end boasts an all-new DOHC, the company has released some truly great three-cylinder high performance engines. These little sloggers are excellent for conversions into second-hand Daihatsu vehicles (which can be picked up dirt cheap), but enough to deliver reasonable performance in a 500+ kilogram shopping cart. Most examples are equipped with a five-speed manual delivering drive to the front wheels, an optional EFI version became available making 43kW at 6500 rpm and 73Nm at 4000 rpm and, but a 4WD version can also be found. Later。

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