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Turbo hub tracks data usage...

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Turbo data tracks usage...

Well, currently i am on the rural modem because i live in Puslinch, Ontario. They definitely DO NOT track data on that, and i got an answer in another forum that indeed they do not. They can only track up to 100mb because that is the CDMA servers, they are old and crap.

But i tried the rocket hub for 3 days, and burned through 3gb (this was on the weekend when i had time to play xbox).

I wanted to know if the turbo hub tracks data usage?

If they do, does bell do ANYTHING at ALL for rural customers to increase data? Has anybody forked extra data out of them for the same price each month (like $60bucks a month).

If you have, what did you say etc, any tips? I was planning on calling in tomorrow.

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