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Central Oregon Avalanche Center

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Cente Central Oregon Avalanche

Monday, Feb 5, 2018 11:10 AM


Andy Traylor




Santiam Pass Area (including Three Finger Jack) (44.473979, -121.847305)

Ob Date/Time:

Sun, Feb 4, 2018 - 10:30 AM

Report Type:

Snow Conditions

Mode of Travel:

Ski or Snowboard

Written Report:
Started at 6:30am from Santiam SP at 4,700'. Patchy, wet snow from ~15cm to ~60cm skinning from the trailhead. Increasing snow coverage with elevation roughly following the PCT north to the west bowl/face of 3FJ. Obvious rain runnels and drainage patterns on all aspects with ski pen from 5cm to 30cm. The south side of some ridgelines were showing bare ground. We observed small cornices on the lee side of ridges, almost all showing some amount of failure/slumping from the rain and warm temps.

Ascended the west bowl of 3JF from 6,200' to 7,000' noting a mix of wet snow in the open and unsupportable crust near the trees. High winds, full cloud cover and light precipitation persisted throughout the day. Descended the same slope around 2:00pm noting very wet snow (easy snowballs) and very small loose wet sluffs with conservative skiing.

Temperature: 0C°C   Precip: RV Very light rain   Wind: West @ 26-38 mph  
Elevation: 7000 ft  

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