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ZD30 oil leak near the turbo.

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27th May 2012, 03:21 PM


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ZD30 oil leak near the turbo.


Just had my mechanic check a oil leak that seemed to be near the turbo charger.he puuled off the intercooler and the turbo and the product_range/New_turbo_models/2017/0928/51313.html">pipes etc but did not find any thing that was actually causing this but did say there was a unusal amout of oil in the intake manifold.Has any body else out there had this problem.He also mentioned that some of the pipes were a bit loose but im still wondering if the turbo is on its way out maybe a seal issue in there.your thoughts would be welcomed.



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27th May 2012 03:21 PM # ADS


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28th May 2012, 11:44 AM



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I hav had same drama & new turbo is expensive. I replaced mine due to oil flowing out and smoke appearing real bad once pulling up at lights. Check pcv valve for oil & restriction. Mine was leaking from turbo compressor & flowing up through intercooler. Pcv line was clear. Conducting final testing at the moment but have the catch-can disconnected now. My catch can appears to have a slight restriction (not as much as valve itself) & I think that was contributing to the issue that caused mine to pack it in.
Remove and clean your inlet. Test drive about 5-10 mins & remove to see where oil is comin from. Ring me on 0438288109 before 8pm if you want to talk about what I found, did & costs. Not cheap & awkward.

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28th May 2012, 01:07 PM

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Originally Posted by lieney

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