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Modular 4V turbo headers

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Turbo modular headers

Okay, long story short I went to TX2K10, I saw "Truth's" Viper, that thing is mean!! Twin 6769's...Just mean! I recently got a 03 Cobra, an 4K, I'm selling my Coupe and going to go Twins on the Cobra, twin Billet 6262's to be exact. Basically I'm doing th hotside myself, I can't do headers, I am not patien and not a good enough fabricator. So I asked the people on the Turbo Forums and no responce...

So yeah do yougus know of any? I was thinking Turbocharged Innovations(magic bus) bu he has terrible service..

And incase your wondering.
-Teskid Block(guy selling on CL righ now if you want to snatch it off from under me!) Stock Crank, Stock Manley's with ARP2000's, Manley -11 Dished Pistons, Total Seal Rings, .20 Over, Stock Heads mild work by me, Stock Cams, Crower Springs/Retainers
-TH400 Manual VB, no brake, JW Plate, JW Housing, Custom DS
-Return Fuel System, Glens Sleeper Tank, Fuelab Prodigy Pump, Aeromotive Filters/FPR/Rails, Earls Lines/Fittings, 80's maybe bigger
-Custom Twin Setup, Precision Billet Wheel 62mm Turbo's, Custom Front Mount A2W IC, 5 Gallon Water Tank, Bosch Pump, -16 lines, Gords HE, 3"Downpipes, to a 3" X pipe, with a 3" catback, Dynomax Bullets, 3.5" tips.

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