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Oil Leak from Turbo : Accent CRDi

Time:2018-02-14 01:48Turbochargers information Click:

Turbo CRDI Leak oil oi

Well your car has clocked alot that 3 cylinder has done well,as for the restoration of the turbo its quite a precision job(air inside turbo can reach upto Mach1) & as for 12000 rupee charge considering some part replacements & being sent to Bosch you can just say these guys are not into charity & its a business,but let me give you an example some factory music systems when they got security locked would be charged 8000 rupees as the unit would be sent to & fro.
Just ask them if they will give you guarantees on the work done,so you wont have to worry about it happening again

I do remember one swift diesel having some problems with the turbo at 2,30,000 km & some work was done on it

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