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D22 Oil Leak. Around the turbo

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D22 Oil Leak. Around the turbo



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D22 Oil Leak. Around the turbo


Has my Nav for 3 years or so. Mechanically, perfect, cannot complain (touch wood).

However, coming home from Easter weekend with the van on the back, stopped over for a driver reviver and could smell oil. Popped the bonnet and checked the oil, was pretty low, brought some from the servo and chucked it in.

The car doesn't drop oil, not a drop.

I am losing oil and I know its through the turbo.
Its got tell tail signs, and theres even oil in the intake BEFORE the front of the snail.
Theres oil around both of the rubber intake pipes and dribble behind the turbo, near that oil intake pipe (between the front and rear of the compressor)

Ive taken the front off the turbo and felt for play, its perfect, not a millimetre.

So im a bit lost, I do understand it could be a few things, but can anyone give me a starting point on where to check.
Would a blocked vacuum line do this, so not letting the oil return back to the block?

And thinking about it now, its a tad difficult to start and I rekon theres a loss of power, but not much.

I havent done the EGR mod and I havnt got a catch can.

Any help much appreciated.



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I wouldn't panic straight away. Your PCV is returned in FRONT of the turbo, so the turbo and intercooler get all the oil mist that isn't caught by the engine's oil separator. The catch can ought to fix that particular issue.

A particularly strenuous workout would cause a rise in the amount of oil being tossed out of the PCV, which may explain the loss and the smell.

The only thing I'd be careful of is the oil that you choose to use in the engine - make sure it's at least fairly low ash stuff. You don't need to go to JASO-FD like those of us with DPFs, but you should still try and reduce the chance of particulate build-up on valves and the turbine, which are the ones who'll wear a lot of that muck.

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