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Toyota Harrier New 2018 model in Japan, Import by Exporter, Buy from Dealer in Tokyo

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toyota 2018 Model Harrier Japa

The 201803/17/71944.html">Toyota model/TURBOS_Undefined/201607/18/40572.html">Harrier is a luxury crossover vehicle from 201803/17/71944.html">Toyota Japan. The "model/TURBOS_Undefined/201607/18/40572.html">Harrier" is another big name in Toyota Line-up. This car is based on Sport Luxury Vehicle (SLV) concept, which is a prototype crossover of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Toyota Motor Corporation manufactures the car in two wheel drive (2WD) and also four wheel drive (4WD) versions, for Japan's domestic market and for export to worldwide import.

The HARRIER is remained Toyota's best-selling luxury SUV in the Japanese domestic market as well as for export to international market. With its graceful beauty and luxurious interior, the Toyota Harrier is one of the most famous car of Toyota-family not only in Japanese domestic car market but also in overseas market. Toyota Harrier is exported to around the world by reputed auto dealers in Japan.
Make   Toyota  
Model   Harrier  
Engine capacity   Regular Model: 2000cc (official 1986cc) / Turbo Model 2000cc (official 1998cc)  
Driving type   Available in Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and also Four Wheel Drive (4WD)  
Steering position   Right Hand Drive (steering wheel on the right side of car)  
Transmission type   Automatic transmission  
Fuel   Gasoline (Petrol)  
Passenger capacity   5 (According to Japanese law)  
Engine type   Regular Model: 3ZR-FAE . DOHC . 4 Cylinders . 16 Valves
Turbo Model: 8AR-FTS . DOHC . 4 Cylinders . 16 Valves . Intercooler Turbo
Number of doors   5  
Pictures of car   Toyota Harrier Front picture . Toyota Harrier Back picture
Toyota Harrier Cockpit picture . Toyota Harrier Interior picture
Available Colors   See available colors of this car Toyota Harrier body colors  
Price   Regular Model 2WD = US$ 34,800. (Total price calculation)
Regular Model 4WD = US$ 36,800 (Total price calculation)
Turbo Engine Model 2WD = US$ 37,800. (Total price calculation)
Turbo Engine Model 4WD = US$ 39,800 (Total price calculation)
Extra charges   There are no hidden cost or extra charges.  
Spare parts   We will supply spare parts of this car at any time  
Verification   Verified and recognized by "Japan Company Trust Organization"   
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