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4bt Build Turbo help hx30w, s200 [Archive]

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Turbo Specs HX30W 4bt hami

There are 3 basic sizes of inducer for the HX30W. 40mm, 44mm, and 46mm. The 40mm was stock on the P pump 4bt. The 44mm is less common but is available. The 46mm is the Super HX30W. Member Alcaid can help you with either of the last 2 models. If you ever consider doing twins, stay with the 44mm. For a single, the 46mm is about as good and big as you want to go. Something in the 50mm range has been tried but doesn't work well. Also, you want the 6 cm turbine housing unless you live a very high altitude area. For your power plans you probably don't need the cam. With the right turbo and some pump adjustments you're at 200 hp. If your keep the water aftercooler, you might want to run it with a separate radiator and circulating pump. Would make it more efficient. Second option would be ditch it and go with an air to air type.

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