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I gotta pay for new turbos :( :( :(

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turbos gotta

Red5 wrote:

123ersan wrote:Hi you don't have to pay for new turbos. You've got a actuator rattle (waste gate). Won't cause any damage or affect performance. Reason they replace turbos are because there attached to the actuators. If the noise bothers you get it done. If you can put up with it save yourself a couple grand. Common problem with these and BMW won't accept any responsibility.

Sadly this sound is the beginning of the end!

It'll not be effecting performance now, but I will

Are you sure it won't be affecting performance, these guys know their stuff (i think), they deal predominantly with Porsche and BMW and the guys been working with a BMW dealer for years, and was engineer of the year or something. He seems pretty switched on and adamant that it will be affecting performance.

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