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Cessna 210 Performance Specifications & Specs

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Cessna 210 Performance
Specifications (Specs)

Cessna 210 Performance - What Every Pilot Should Know
About The Performance Of This Aircraft

If you are looking for a high performance 6 seater airplane, your going to want to make sure you give the Cessna 210 a second look. It is a very fast high performer that will get you to where you want to go in a real hurry & in style...

This Cessna has been around for a long time on the used market and is a great high performance single. Not only that, it has a very tight following. Meaning - most of the pilots who fly and own this great aircraft love it and seem to keep them for years.

You can get a non-turbo version of the 210, a turbo version & a turbo pressurized version. In this article will be talking about the turbo 210 and will be making reference to the 210N as it seems to be one of the most popular ones on the used market at this time.

2 Important & Compelling Things You Should
Know About The Cessna 210

First - The Speed Up At Altitude (This is worth the price)

The great thing about the T210 is that they are very fast once you get up to altitude. The Cessna T210N has a reported cruise speed of about 193 knots(1). Now, your going to have to get up to a good altitude to realize those kind of cruise speeds.

But at the same time, even if you want to avoid going on oxygen and stick around 10,000 feet your still going to get cruise speeds that are close to that. Not only that, because of the turbo charger on the 210N, your going to have a great climb rate even if you are going to 10,000 feet to catch a good tail wind.

Depending on how high you have your nose and how hot you run the engine, you can see around 1,000 feet per minute in climb. If your not in a big hurry, you can drop your nose a bit and have a higher speed climb which will reduce the rate of clime. But doing that, your giving your engine more air and should be able to keep it nice and cool as you climb as well as cover a lot of ground with a good speed.

Don't Underestimate This

The great thing about the speed and power of the 210 is the fact that even if you don't want to go really high to get over the weather, your going to have the power behind you to get a pretty good fuel burn as you can easily drop your power from 75% to 65% or even 55% if you need to.

And because you have so much horsepower behind you, your still going to get a good cruise speed out of this aircraft. Not only that, when you go down in terms of power percentage - your going to be able to burn a lot less fuel. Sure your not going to cruise as fast as you could at 75% power, but the fuel burn rate should be a lot less & that is a very valuable thing.

Second - The Range Is Very Good (But For Another Important Reason)

One of the most overlooked performance specs most people miss is the range. Most pilots want to know how fast it will go and everything else is not as important. In my opinion, the range is the second most important performance spec you need to be thinking about as you are going to want to make sure you don't have to stop for fuel every 2 hours.

Also, not only is having a long range important for avoiding unnecessary fill ups, you also want to be able to take as much fuel as you can as a safety measure.

With the Turbo 210N, your going to see a range of about 715 nm.(2) But that can change depending on tail winds, the load you have, altitude your flying at & the power % that you are using. But still, having a max range of around 715 nm is pretty good.

That kind of maximum range will outlast most of your passengers bladders! So, as long as you can keep them from drinking a gallon of soda pop while flying, you should be able to have a nice long flight!

Another Important Reason Why The Range On The 210 Is So Important

This is a 6 seater airplane and the chances are very good that your not going to be taking a full load of people with you on every cross country trip. In most cases for most pilots - it is just themselves & maybe another passenger. So that means, because your going to have a lot of extra weight, you should be able to easily carry full fuel and quite a bit of luggage with you.

This is important because your going to be able to maximize the range on this aircraft and get to where you want to go with less fuel stops. Plus your going to have a good amount of cabin room & room for all your gear.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 210 Performance Specifications

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