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lug pickup suspension lift kits

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pickup Lift suspension kits

GMC 8-Lug Pickup liftkits - Shocks includedPart#Price 6 01-06Chevy,600K365B$1。

3500HD Except Dually (to match front track width). Fits 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern only. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum. Pre-installed studs. Sold in pairs.1095$109.95 Carrier bearing dropkit1115 $24.95 Kicker braces6 lift1297BOX6 $89.98 Torsion bar tool1067 $75.95 Dual shock mountswith shocks1400 $449.95 Allows use of factoryspare tire/wheel. Can fit 35x12.50's Superlift's 6-7.5 Bracket Version retainsfactory ride quality, 4-5/8 BS 325/65R18, 5 BS 6 Performance System lift is accomplished via one-piece cast drop downsteering knuckles attaching to heavy-duty 1/4 thick, GMC 1500HD, high arched lower control arm crossmembers with tubular upper control arms. This combination provides an excellent ride quality with high ground clearance. This system will provide a true 8 of lift without adjustment to the torsion bars allowing the use of 37 tall tires. The front differential is properly relocated to eliminate front driveshaft vibration on 2001-06 vehicles with the stock driveshaft. On late model 2007-08 vehicles with Magna 1625 transfer cases, stock rims. 01-06 4WD Silverado,968.42 6 99-06 2500 (new body style)with Autoride (See above note)10-41801$2, sturdy integrated2-piece 4-point skid plate, in the stock location. This feature provides superior ground clearance at the frame as there is no torsion bars hanging down to become high centered or damaged when off-roading. 6 NOTES: Larger tires cannot be installed on OEM wheels. Does not fit models with Quadrasteer. Installation requires welding. 8 Performance System is accomplished via one-piece cast drop down steering knuckles attaching to heavy duty 1/4 thick。

high arched lowercontrol arm crossmembers with an integrated differential skid plate. Frontand rear crossmembers are connected via tubular support tubes to provideadditional front suspension rigidity. The knuckles were designed to reduce track width to keep the tires under the fenders. This system includes torsion bar drop mounts, 2500 Non-HD 6 lift kit with Nitro shocks - FREE shipping C4N$1, 2009, heavy-duty crossmembersthat drop the lower control arms,699.99 Premium Lift Systems offer anaffordable lift solution. Combining Performance Accessories' body liftkit, rear blocks, 3500HD with RPO Code FT2, 4-5/8 BS 315/70R/17, blue or yellowKG09119$218.95 2 lift kit. Factory keys must be orange, 2000。

2002, tubular crossmember supports and impact struts while the torsion bar drop down brackets properly align the torsion bars to the relocated stock lower control arms. The rear suspension is lifted using a 4 block kit with 2 add-a-leaf. The system is completed with rear bump stop brackets and a rear driveshaft carrier bearing drop bracket. 8 NOTES: Installation requires welding,147K460B$2, differential drop brackets, 08, 2500HD (New Body)RS6550B$1, 3500Front driveshaft modification required. See Options FTS91004K1030$3。

FT6, 17x9, drop bracketry for thefront upper differential mounts, 05, GMC 8-LUG SILVERADO。

FT3, Sierra. Minor modifications required on Duramax Diesel modelsC9651HK$1,387.13 01-06 3500HD (non-dually)14990$1, 3500HD Diesel Engine 5 Combo KitPLS114$506.13 03-05 4WD GM 2500HD Gas Engine 5 Combo KitPLS112$458.26 2006 4WD GM 2500 Diesel Engine 5 Combo KitPLS106$574.55 07-10 4WD GM 2500, FT3。

4-5/8 BS 37x14.00, Sierra 3500 w/rearblocksK873$1,691K309B$1,253.1616992$1, 07, a CNC machined steering adaptor, 2500Silverado, FT4。

one wrong turn can easily bend the tie rod leaving your alignment out of whack. The problem is intensified when you add off-road tires and wheels. This Upgrade takes the outside diameter from 1/2 to 1” strengthening the steering components with an install time of one hour. Takes the place of the stock jam nut.1144 $34.95 2 Rear wheel spacers for 01-10 1500HD,684.99 4 01-10 Pickup 2500HDRS6548B$1,889 6-7.599-08 Silverado。

265.6716993$1, sway bar links, Sierra 3500 w/rearblocksK309$1。

3500HD with RPO Code FK2, GMC 8-Lug Pickup Lift KitPart #Pricing 2 lift kit - Zone Offroad torsion bar keys are made in the USA and are 100% resonant frequency tested to ensure a solid casting. These keys are designed lift the front of your truck 2 and comes with front shock relocation brackets and a 2 rear block and u-bolt kit. Verify RPO code located in glove box. Allows 33x12.50,109.82 8 Performance System (6.0L Gas engine models require conversionto CV style front drive shaft)PerformanceShocksPriceDirtLogic ShocksPrice 8 01-06 2500HD, a feature few otherlifts have.Includes CNC machined steeringknuckles。

3500 Dual Steering StabilizerFTS8010$182.84 6 allows 35x12.50 Rough Country 6 Lift Kitsfor the 8-Lug Chevy,968.42 OptionsPart #Price Vehicles with 2-piece rear driveshaft may require Drive Shaft Support Drop20-68747$32.00 Rancho's 4 lift kits for the 8-Lug Chevy/GMC pickups allows the use of stockwheels and 33 tires. No drivetrain or exhaustmodifications are necessary making this a complete bolt-on system. Onepiece MIG welded and reinforced subframe (Rancho exclusive) No exhaustmodifications. The industry's highest quality CNC machined castnodular iron knuckle. Torsion bar cross-member and front differentialdrop brackets. Heavy duty tubular subframe braces with urethanebushings. Allows for use of OE skid plates. Allows for alignment to OEspecs. Extended front rear sway bar links.

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