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beautiful car with excellent service history

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Turbo mo FS 1984 Euro

Car is sold, thank you!

beautiful car with excellent service history

The model/TURBOS_K_SERIES/201503/07/16236.html">745i Turbo was a special high-performance model offered in left-hand-drive North American and European markets between 1979 and 1986. It was originally fitted with a specially prepared 3.2 L (3205cc) i type-M30 six-cylinder gas engine and a turbocharger producing 252hp at 10 psi of boost with a Borg Warner K27 Turbocharger, BMW Intercooled engine code M102. In 1984 the engine grew to 3.4 L, and was known as the M106. These cars were all built with automatic transmissions (although there is documentation supporting how the ECU was modified at the factory to work with Getrag 5 speeds) and could be ordered with exotic options such as heated front and rear power reclining seats, auto-on aux interior gasoline fired heaters, leather covered cellular telephones, rear-armrest radio control, water buffalo hide upholstery, and burl wood trim. The water buffalo interior model was the Executive trim option, while the High Line trim package offered ivory leather interior trim including a leather dash board, sun visors, headliner, and other leather bits not offered on the Executive. BMW designated this particular model as 745i instead of 732i Turbo due to the theoretical assumption that the turbocharged motors have about 1.4 times more power than naturally aspirated motors. Thus, 3,2-litre (3206cc) turbocharged motor has "power equivalent" of 4,5-litre (4494cc) motor without forced induction.

This particular 745i Turbo was imported to the US around 2000 and received a California BAR sticker around that time. The car resided in the San Diego area from 2002 until the day I acquired the car in late 2013 and drove her home to Los Angeles, where she has been since. The car retains the small European bumpers, which are so much prettier than the large US models, and looks to be wearing the original paint, in very good condition except that the clear coat is failing on the roof and a small area of the trunk lid. I see no evidence of accident damage. The interior is in excellent condition, with the original buffalo hide leather still soft and supple all around, showing beautiful patina that can be acquired only through loving use and care. One of the rear headrests has a split on a seam, which can likely be resewn, and the passenger side floor mat (presumably original) has some damage. Mechanically, this car runs extremely well, although the valve noise suggests that an adjustment is needed. After I bought the car, we changed the oil, filters and spark plugs, and I replaced the battery in April 2014. The car fires up easily, even after sitting for long periods, idles well and runs out nicely, producing excellent power, no smoke or strange noises, and is a pleasure to drive. The car shows 219,xxx miles, however I noticed that the odometer does not appear to be working. AC fan blows, but probably needs a recharge and someone who speaks German to figure out the controls, the switch that blows air through the front vents does not seem to engage.

The two prior owners lavished a great deal of attention and money on this car. I have a large stack of service records going back to 2002 which document all of the maintenance and service this car received. I stopped adding these up at $30,000! The prior owner was an architect, who was fastidious about the car as it was his pride and joy. He serviced the car primarily at the local BMW dealer in San Diego, and then a well-regarded independent BMW mechanic. After he passed away, his nephew inherited the car but didn't drive it much, so it mostly sat in the driveway in San Diego for about a year. After I purchased the car, I drove it back to LA without incident and gave the car a minor service. I drove the car a little bit after that, but it spent most of the time sitting in my warehouse in Van Nuys, where we restore vintage Porsches. I replaced the battery in April 2014. The car comes with 4 keys, 2 remotes for the alarm, owner's manual, detailed service records going back to 2002, and the complete factory toolkit.

VIN Decoding provides the following information about the car:
Vehicle information
Type Value
VIN WBAFJ910408750025
Type code 6991
Type 745 I (EUR)
E series E23 ()
Series 7
Type LIM
Steering LL
Doors 4
Engine M30
Displacement 3.50
Power 0
Drive HECK
Transmission AUT
Upholstery (0181)
Prod.date 1984-10-17

Code Description (interface) Description (EPC)
S290A BMW LM-RAEDER 7JX15,225/55R15V BMW light-alloy wheel star spokes 44
S314A FRONTSCHEIBENWASCHDUESEN BEHEIZT Door mirror / driver's lock, heated
S350A WAERMESCHUTZGLAS GRUEN, RUNDUM Therm. insulat. glass green
S401A SCHIEBE-HEBEDACH, ELEKTRISCH Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric
S411A FENSTERHEBER,ELEKTRISCH VORN/HINTEN Window lifts,electric,front/rear
S459A SITZVERSTELLUNG, ELEKTR.MIT MEMORY Seat adjuster, electric, with memory
S472A MITTELARMLEHNEN VORN FAHRER/BEIF. Armrest, front, driver/passenger
S500A SCHEINW.WASCHANL./INTENSIVREINIGUNG Headlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning
S534A KLIMAAUTOMATIK Automatic air conditioning
S560A LESELEUCHTEN IM FOND Reading light in rear compartment
S682A RADIOANTENNE AUTOMATISCH Rear bench seat in fabric

Numerous additional photos can be found here:
Car is now sold, thank you!  

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