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Trackside wrote:

Getting yor existing turbo rebuilt is the most economical but unless you have a local turbo rebuild specialist it may mean sending it away so you will be without a car for a few days minimum. I was quoted £175 for a full rebuild on my T25 and a next day turnaround - ( Turbo developments in Brentford W London if anyone is interested). I looked into a remanufactured unit and they were £400 plus ( more than 1/2 the value of the car I'm driving it untill it blows smoke and then I'll get the old one rebuilt. Fitting was OK but there are some awkward connections and bolts to get to on an NG but your 9-5 may be better. It's definatley DIY but I would be concerned about how it has failed - oil starvation due to sludge would be a worry on a 9-5 so I would think about dropping the sump to check as well if you have not already done this.

I've done the sump drop so it's not that hopefully. It doesn't puff smoke every time I start up,just very briefly when the car has been standing for a day or a little less. It did it regularly a year ago then stopped after a service and has just started again,this time a couple of months after the sump drop and 12 month service. Could it be that this is quite acceptable and I am worrying unneccessarily. It pulls beautifully, so the turbo is doing its job OK. I'm just not sure what to think. Thanks for the rebuild advice,that is definitely worth consideration.

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