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Hi all I am in need of some turbo advice, I found a Garrett TAO301 off a crusty '89 mercedes turbo diesel specs are:

Garrett model number: TA0301 (T3 series turbo)

OE Part #: 465228-3 Compressor housing A/R: .42

Turbine housing A/R: .48

Horsepower Capabilities: ~250hp

Internal Wastegate: Yes

Water cooled: No

Wastegate setting: 7 psi

only issue is the waste gate is toast, and there is slight side to side shaft play. but I can snag it for about $65 with core charge, or I can get a brand new Holset H1C spec are :

externally gated turbo with a divided entry exhaust housing. Specs are:
55/82mm compressor (45 trim), 67/63mm turbine (1.13trim), 18cm3 (divided entry). For about $350 obo. but would still need a external wastegate, and blow off valve.

Which would be a better bet to go with ? I am still trying to snag a HX35W, but I ain't spending $400+ on a used turbo !!


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