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What are some widely recommended Headlights?

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What h some Recommended widely

I’ll describe my experience with a few headlamps. Recently as I’ve become more aware of different user interfaces from reading here on BLF, I’m putting more value in a good UI and this has affected my headlamp choice.

Nitecore HC50: 18650 or 2xCR123. I liked this light a lot. Good run-time with 18650 cell. Decent mode spacing. You can activate the dim red light from off, which is nice in a scenario when you want to keep your night vision/not disturb others. You can only go up in the mode brightness, so if you want a lower mode you have to cycle through all the brightest modes first. Most lights are like this, and I think it is not optimal.

Skilhunt H03: 18650. This light is significantly lighter weight than the HC50, which makes big difference especially if you are going to be active while wearing it. Good mode spacing options. You can enter the moonlight mode from off. Again you can only go up in brightness modes. I changed the driver and UI to something that suits me better.

Thrunite TH20: AA/14500 light. This light is the one to get if you need AA compatibility. It’s light and has a nearly ideal UI. You can start in moonlight from off, shortcut to turbo, and it is a “ramping” UI where you can select any brightness you want and ramp in both directions.

Boruit RJ02: 18650. This is not a bad light, but I find the UI to be too slow. It is a ramping UI, but you need to hold on the button for about 3 seconds to change the brightness.

In summary, I would recommend the Skilhunt H03 for 18650 size. You can usually get it somewhere for about $30. For AA size, I would recommend the Thrunite TH20.

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