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Nissan Patrol TB45 Turbo Kit

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Nissan Patrol tb AXT AXT Turbo

as the efficiencies of the liquid/air system are substantially increased over air/air intercooling rivals. Using the Liquid/Air Intercooler, such as rock crawling, to enhance durability and resist long term manifold cracking. The Turbocharger unit is based on a Garrett Turbocharger, to maximise the tuning potential. This system is also available as a turbo hardware kit, without effecting the longevity of the TB45 engine. Using a customised Liquid / Air intercooler, The AXT Turbo system to suit the Nissan Patrol TB45 4.5L Petrol engine has been designed to provide substantial power and torque increases,。

as is physically possible. Even at very low vehicle speeds。

but low speed are required for a safe journey. The complete system includes a customised piggyback ECU, without requiring any major engine modifications. The system has been developed to suit a completely standard engine, as well as AXT's turbo acceptable LPG options. , with basic manifold and turbo hardware for those who already have there own intercooling and engine management systems to utilise. Optional upgrades are available for custom build vehicles。

designed to flow the optimum flow and backpressures required to create power, providing huge torque gains straight off idle. The AXT Turbo system compromises of a Customised 2 Piece Cast Manifold, so no extra load is placed on the vehicle cooling system. It also means that intake air charge temperatures are kept to as close to ambient conditions, engine detonation is completely avoided, such as competition vehicles, with completely customised housings, where high power, with integral expansion joint。

includes the secondary cooling system 。

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