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low rpm fuel cut?

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Engine r Fuel display lean


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low rpm fuel cut?

Sorry in advance for the long post.....I just need to give all the info I know....

The fuel cut rpm is under the Emissions control systems section of the Haynes repair manual. It states that if you increase the engine speed to at least 2500 rpm, then abruptly release the throttle the fuel injectors will momentarily cut out at 1200rpm and then resume operation an instant later.

First : does anyone know the reason for this?

Second : I have an apex turbo timer (pen type) and I like to leave it on the A/F ratio display. Under normal driving conditions it reads and average of 14.5 which is about where it should be. BUT.... and time I am crusing along and give it anything more than just a little gas and then completly let off, my A/F display reads 20.00 (full lean) Also any time I am driving, and then let completly off the gas and manually (I'm an auto) shift it into second and/or then frist to help use the engine to slow down, the A/F ratio display also reads 20.00 and the led light flashes green signaling a lean condition. I believe that this is due to the fuel cut rpm system. This dosen't seem right.... It will read fuel lean until I hit the gas again or for as long as it takes me to come to a slow roll or a stop which can take several seconds... Is there any possable negative side affects to running lean for that long while the engine speed comes down to idle?? Any help would be great!! Thanks in advance!!!


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